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Accessories for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Accessories for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry



Accessories for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Autosampler for high sample throughput and routine overnight operation

The AS-F and AS-FD autosamplers for flame and hydride technologies and AS-GF for graphite furnace use provide unique flexibility and efficiency in routine analysis. In addition to standard functions, the autosamplers provide automatic sample feed and standard preparation, intelligent sample dilution and concentration, automated dosage of modifiers and automatic depth adjustment. Combined with high dosage accuracy and intelligent cleaning control when concentrations are exceeded, they make unattended operations (even overnight) a matter of routine and ensure smooth processes and high sample throughputs. Sample preparation is reduced to a minimum, improving the cost per sample and your profitability.

AS-FD allows for fully automatic sample dilution up to a factor of 1:800 for a single dilution step.

Easy handling of matrix-rich samples – Switching valve technology – SFS 6.0

The Segmented Flow Star, SFS 6.0, allows for the sample feed system and the burner head to be continuously rinsed thanks to the segmented feed of very small sample volumes by means of time-controlled flow injection. This results in more stable flame temperatures and consequently better analytical precision. The SFS 6.0 also reduces carryover effects on samples with high salt and matrix content, sample consumption, and the risk of burner head clogging.

AAS Scraper

Automatic burner head cleaning – the Scraper

The Scraper, an intelligent cleaning device for the burner head, makes operations easier, especially when using the acetylene/nitrous oxide flame. It automatically cleans the burner slot before each measurement as well as in standby mode, ensuring continuous and reproducible measurements in routine analysis, and increasing laboratory safety and precision of results.

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