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Mira Milk

Mira Milk



Dairy Analyzers

Bruker offers high quality and high precision milk and dairy analyzers for milk laboratories to standardize the routine milk production process. Our dairy analytical instruments enable to improve the milk quality control as well as the verification of end products in order to increase the production efficiency.

The MIRA can analyze important parameters like fat, protein, total solids and lactose in seconds. Therefore, our customers can quickly carry out required and optimized process adjustments. The high-pressure homogenizer ensures evenly homogenized samples for high repeatability and accuracy. Optionally, the MIRA milk analyzer can also determine the freezing point.

The GLOBULYSER for testing homogenizer efficiency is an easy-to-use “stand alone” analyzer for the determination of the mean fat globule size in milk and liquid milk products as well as in dissolved milk powders.

The MPA II is, together with the Liquid Sampling Module (LSM) the workhorse in dairy analysis. It can be equipped to handle and measure various types of samples in an optimal way. Just one instrument can ensure the fast quality control of liquid, solid and paste-like materials of any consistency. All relevant quality parameters can be analyzed cost-effectively with NIR, ensuring fast quality control.

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