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SP-D 80 Microwave Digestion

SP-D 80 Microwave Digestion




The Discover® SP-D 80 produces a clear aqueous digest for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA. Since each vessel has its own method, you can mix and match samples and acids within the automation rack, providing your laboratory great flexibility. Digestion time is 10 minutes or less, providing rapid turnaround and the ability to accommodate rush samples. This automated system is sure to optimize your laboratory workflow.


  • Most digestions in under 10 minutes (including cool down)
  • Automated system allows technician to tend to other tasks
  • Temperature and pressure control of every sample
  • Documentation of every sample
  • Simple-to-use vessels with snap-on caps


Unique technologies that
make your work easy.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Energy Delivery

Focused™ Microwave Cavity


Precise & Efficient Energy Delivery

The cavity produces a focused and extremely homogeneous microwave field. This enables the system to digest samples faster and with greater reproducibility than batch style systems.

 Automated Microwave Digestion System - Activent Technology

Activent® Technology


No Loss of
Volatile Elements

The system actively controls pressure and vessel venting to eliminate loss of elements, including volatiles such as mercury and arsenic.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - PowerMAX



Rapid Cooling,
Faster Digestions

The sample is cooled in less than one minute after digestion. In as little as ten minutes, you will have a digested sample in-hand ready for analysis.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Workflow


Just weigh,
snap, load, &
you’re done.

1. Weigh the sample and add acid

2. Snap on the cap and place in the system

3. Select the method(s) and press “Play”

You are now free to tend to other tasks.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - SynergyDGraphic


Software that does the hard work for you.

  • Real-time display of temperature, pressure, and microwave power
  • Pre-installed methods for many sample types
  • Sample queues that mix methods and sample types in a single run
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Automatically generate a report of run conditions for every sample, not the batch


The Discover SP-D system automatically generates a lab report to verify digestion conditions were met for each individual sample, not of the batch. Temperature, pressure and power graphs are documented, as well as the maximum temperature and pressure, during the digestion.


The most versatile acid
digestion system ever made.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - 10Mins

Digest most samples
in 10 minutes, or less.

It couldn’t be simpler. Get clear solutions in 10 minutes. Using CEM’s Focused Microwave Technology and enhanced cooling, most routine samples are digested in 10 minutes or less — including cool down. Digest up to 48 samples in an 8-hour shift.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - RushSample

Digest a RUSH sample immediately.

The advanced Synergy-D™ software will allow you to interrupt a pre-programmed run to accommodate a rush sample. In just about 10 minutes you will have a digested sample in hand ready for analysis, then the software will resume running as programmed.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Flexibility

Discover SP-D 80 gives you total flexibility.

Digest up to 24 samples, completely unattended. Discover SP-D 80 gives you the flexibility to prepare different sample sizes, types and acids within one batch.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Snap-on Caps

Snap-on Caps

No clamps or torque wrenches.

Our patented, and easy-to-use snap-on caps eliminate the need for clamps or torque wrenches. With just the push of a thumb, the caps will be safely secured and ready for digestion.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Automation


Process samples completely unattended.

The Discover SP-D 80 is more than the latest technology for microwave digestion: it is a new concept in sample preparation. Discover SP-D 80 is a sequential, pressurized microwave digestion system that processes samples completely unattended, allowing laboratory staff to tend to other tasks. Just load the autosampler, press play, and walk away. The Discover SP-D 80 will do the rest.

Automated Microwave Digestion System - Flexibility


Any sample, any acid in the same run.

A Discover SP-D 80 system is fully automated. You can mix samples that use different acids in the same run. Once you set the preloaded methods and hit play, your work is done. The system finishes the digestion for you and produces a clear digest, ready for analysis.

  • Varied sample sizes
  • Combination of acids
  • Full pressure and temperature control

Common Applications

Pre-programmed methods
come standard.

Every Discover SP-D 80 is programmed with an assortment of common methods.

The system also allows custom methods to be programmed for your unique needs.


Clinical & Forensic

Consumer Products

Environmental & Regulatory


Industrial Hygiene

Metallurgical & Mining





Plastic & Polymer

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