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Nieka Fusion Systems

Nieka Fusion Systems



Nieka Fusion instruments


we turned technology into features

With a very small footprint, the Nieka instruments allow the fully automated preparation of samples by fusion. 

Our instruments self-calibrate and communicate their status in real-time over a network.

Using only low-pressure propane or natural gas (G-Series) or a standard 240V outlet (E-Series), we achieve the perfect fusion conditions.


The proprietary temperature monitoring system insures a perfect fusion every time.

The high-resolution control allows better repeatability, increasing your analytical precision.

The mechanical system has been carefully crafted for better stirring and faster sample dissolution. 


Our instruments are designed for the most demanding environment. The mechanical components are oversized and easily maintained on-site.

With long-lasting components forming the backbone of the instrument, the operating cost is extremely low.

we have the best systems for the
sample preparation by fusion
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