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ICP-OES PlasmaQuant 9100

ICP-OES PlasmaQuant 9100



Add clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routines

Experience superior analytical performance, application flexibility, robustness, and reliability with the optical emission spectrometer PlasmaQuant 9100. The high-resolution optics and exceptional matrix tolerance guarantee an efficient and uniquely sensitive analysis of geological samples, high-purity metals, chemical and petrochemical samples, as well as soils and industrial wastewater. In trace analysis of complex materials it is the sample that dictates your instrumental needs. High matrix contents require high plasma performance. Unique detection limits ask for a unique spectrometer design. The high-resolution ICP-OES technology makes unconditional confidence in your analytical results a reality.

Results you can rely on

The feasibility of trace analytics in highly concentrated samples by ICP-OES strongly depends on the instrumental plasma performance towards rapidly
varying sample types. Benefit from the widest working range as well as reduced sample preparation demands to improve precision, productivity and ease of use.

  • Cost-efficient shift-work operation
  • Flexible plasma observation
  • Interference-free emission lines
  • System readiness within 15 minutes

The unique resolving power of the high-resolution optics guarantees unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and precision in real sample matrices. In combination with the flexible Dual View PLUS plasma observation system, you can determine both trace and macro-elements with a single measurement. The intelligent torch design, in combination with the high-frequency generator, ensures a stable plasma performance for any sample matrix as well as for rapidly changing sample loads.

PlasmaQuant 9100 – 360° View

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